Friday, October 15, 2010

(More) reasons that Idaho isn't boring...

Well, aren't things hopping in Idaho Falls! Well, clucking, to be more precise. Now, if you're an Idaho Falls resident, you can have six hens in your backyard, according to this article. If you're interested in starting to raise chickens, you might want to read the ideas found in this article. And of course, there's always a lot of information available on the internet... :)

And while we're still talking about Idaho Falls, maybe the local wildlife heard about the new rules about chicken-raising and jumped the gun. Can't think of a better reason for this mountain lion sighting... hopefully it goes home/is taken care of without anyone getting injured or worse.

Also of interest is a new blog out of Idaho, My Adventures in Self Reliance. I also recently found out about the blog, Food Storage. The more information we have, the better prepared we'll be--and I need all the information I can get about getting better prepared.... :)