Friday, September 28, 2012

Improving my emergency information

Have you added anything to your emergency notebook lately? I finally started printing things off because there are a lot of things that would take a lot of time to write down, and I want it all in one place. So, soon to come: the emergency binder.

Some of the things I am adding I really really really hope that I will never have the need for. For instance, one of the pages I printed recently is about cayenne pepper. I had heard that cayenne pepper can do wonderful things if you are in a pinch, but until I actually looked it up, I had no idea just how many things it might help with. Here is the page I found if you are interested--it talks about wound care, and other possible helpful applications, including heart health. I am not a doctor or professional in that area at all, but I like to know if there are any options that I can turn to if I can't get to someone who does have such skills/knowledge immediately....

How about you? Any unusual pages in your emergency notebook/binder? I will probably add more of mine later, but suggestions are always welcome... :)