Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September is National Preparedness Month, oh, and an update on the lemon tree...

Basically the blog went on (a very generous) summer vacation, but it looks like a good time to come back, since, as the post title mentioned, September is National Preparedness Month! I got an e-mail from an emergency preparedness expert in Utah, who has graciously agreed to let me post a portion of that e-mail, and here it is:

"September is national preparedness month.  Please let your neighbors know of this and other great offers you hear of.  We have a large number of new people in the area who may not be aware of the unique sales we have at this time of year.  The case lot sales have started with Smith’s and will continue with all of the grocery stores through the first week in October.  

All of the stores carrying long term storage items will have special pricing.  You will also be able to find storage containers and supplies at the lowest prices of the year right where you shop now.  Please check the web sites of the local businesses if you don’t get the papers.  The flyer with ads that comes to your mail box on Tuesdays will have some of the grocery stores’ ads, but not all of them.

The dry pack cannery always has good bulk prices.  Check the times open and those prices at providentliving.org.

 Other items to watch for include “needful things”.  Check the fabric stores for things like the $1 spools of thread on special this week.  Other items are “over the counter” everyday meds that are essential in emergencies.  Think of antibiotic ointments and antiseptic cleaners.  They can save you from nasty infections when there are no doctors immediately available or if the stores are closed because of power outages or delivery problems.

 Watch the hardware stores for good prices on canning supplies.  Even if you aren’t canning right now it would be a good idea to be able to if you have to.  Last week you could get a dozen wide mouth pint jars for only $6.99.  I am going to guess this type of sale will be frequent this month.  By October even  canners will be on clearance.  Half price is good!!"

Please bear in mind that this is from Utah, and I have not checked if the sales at Smith's are taking place in Idaho, so if you are interested, you might want to call your local Smith's before going there to verify that the same information applies. Since it is National Preparedness Month, I will now be looking around locally for any sales associated with it! Have you seen any good buys in your neighborhood? 

And, drumroll, please... I do have one, single, solitary lemon on my lemon tree, and I have to say that I am very happy about it...

It's there, about as green as the leaves, and right on top of the tree...yay!

Hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer! As usual for us, our pumpkins are set to be the biggest producers in our garden, but we did get some green beans, and our raspberries went crazy (though they are not technically in our garden). Also as usual, we have a wildly productive rhubarb plant, so life is good... :)

Thanks for coming back to read, and I hope your gardens/any other preparedness activities are going well!