Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes in an emergency, what you need is...

...other people. Yup, sometimes there is just no other substitute.

Take, for instance, a recent experience in our home. I actually wasn't here, I was elsewhere in the neighborhood, but my husband and children were home. My husband injured himself (knee injury) and had one of the children call 911. Then he sent the children to find me.

Fortunately, my children did know where to find me, and I was informed that I was needed at home immediately. I made it home, watched my husband loaded into the ambulance, and made arrangements to meet him in the ER. Three hours or so, later, thankfully, we were home.

In this particular instance, I needed a number of people:

--The ambulance personnel who did so well in their job.
--The neighbors who so kindly were willing to watch our children at literally a moment's notice.
--The people who were able to take care of the knee situation so that my husband could come home.
--The relatives who were willing to come and get my husband home--that night was dreadful in the weather department, and I was afraid if he slipped on the driveway, steps, or elsewhere, that we would just end up back in the ER....They came and got him out of the hospital and into the house, so no worries.

Just something to think about:

Who would you turn to in a situation like this?

We're grateful for the neighbors who so graciously helped us (they know who they are), and the relatives who were able to provide some transportation while I picked up the children. And it's always good to have access to medical professionals when the situation warrants it. We feel blessed that we had so many people to help us that day.

And, changing the subject....

After blogging steadily for so long, I sure did give myself quite the blogging break. :) Thanks for coming back to read, and I hope everyone has had a great January!