Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow, snow, and oh, more snow.... least if you are in the areas mentioned here, which is actually kind of a large section of Idaho. While the linked article is specific to Idaho, the tips from the National Weather Service mentioned here could be useful to everyone who could find themselves dealing with winter weather.

Wherever you are, stay safe out there....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good deals, but today's the last day

I don't usually mention stores by name, but yes I will if they are going to give me a good bargain. I should have posted about this earlier, because my understanding is that today (Tuesday) is the last day for these deals, but you do still have today if you are interested... :)

You will need an Albertson's card, but if I can explain it correctly, right now they are doing a mix-and-match sale with a number of different things where if you buy 10 of the particpating items, you get $5.00/off. This is especially financially pleasing, if like me, you are interested in stocking up on Albertson's Cream of Mushroom soup, when it turns out that you can get cans for $.29 when you buy 10, or Dole Pineapple for $.75/can when you buy 10. There are other items involved, but I give the regular disclaimers: 1) Please call your local Albertsons to make sure they are participating before embarking on any such endeavor (particularly if it has snowed where you are like it has snowed where we are), 2)I don't work for Albertsons and/or Dole, and 3)sorry I'm late in getting this information out if it does end up being useful to you... :)

It appears that food prices are going nowhere but up, according to articles like this one. I have posted about another alarming article on my other blog, if you are interested. I hope, as always, that everyone who is able is doing what they can to get some food storage and emergency supplies in stock. I still have a lot of work to do myself, but the more people that are prepared, the better off we all will be...