Friday, September 23, 2011

Need information on different areas of Idaho... answer questions from someone interested in possibly relocating to Idaho. Readers of this blog may remember and/or been affected by the fact that I sometimes am slow in checking the e-mail account connected to this blog, (sorry!) but recently I did check it and found an e-mail from D.S., who sent, in part, the following:

" I live in Chicago and I need to get out of here before things get ugly and I have been thinking about moving to Idaho somewhere. The problem I'm having, and the reason for this email, is that I have no idea where a good place would be to buy a home for someone with a "prepper" mentality. It seems like Idaho is completely off the grid, in the mountains, and wooded which is great but makes it difficult to know where a good spot would be for someone like me who lives in a big city and has never lived in any kind of rural area."

Readers may remember me talking about things that go on in my neighborhood, so may have guessed that my neighborhood wouldn't really fit the description of an area that D.S. is looking for. So I replied, in part:

"I personally don't live in the kind of area that you are looking for, (hey, but Idaho is great everywhere that I have seen :) but I know that at least some of my readers have more info on different areas from where I am located. Even if I did, I have often found that my readers give out a lot more information than I do, and I learn a lot from them..."

So, I am requesting info from anyone who does have more information on areas that are more along the lines of what D.S. is interested in. Many thanks in advance for input that you are willing to share!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little on the late side...

As in it's the last day of a sale at Albertson's, but they're pretty good deals. You have to buy 10 items that are included in the deal (General Mills products) to get the $5.00 off, but many of the items are pretty good:

--Progresso soups end up being $1.29/can when you buy 10, and put any of those soups with mashed potatoes or rice, and you would have a pretty filling meal.

--Handily enough, if you buy packages of Betty Crocker specialty potatoes, they are $.50/package if you buy 10.

-- Also $.50 are select varieties of Green Giant vegetables (11-15.25 oz.).

Those are my favorites this week, although I must say that in my opinion, Albertson's has got a lot of great deals this week. No, no one I am related to works at Albertson's, that I know of. And yes, as usual, if you are not sure that your particular Albertson's is participating in the festivities, please call ahead and ask if they are having these deals. Thanks, Albertson's!!

Sorry for the late notice--hopefully many of you have already found these deals and saved lots of money...

And for those who may not be located near an Albertson's (much as I am not located near an Albi's store, although I hear they have great deals), perhaps you are located near a Sam's Club, and would like the chance to win a $40 gift card. Regardless of your proximity to an Albertson's, you can enter for a chance to win by commenting on this post over at Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker. That giveaway ends tomorrow at 10 pm Eastern Time. So a little more notice than the end of the Albertson's sale (tonight), but not much. Thanks, Harried Homemaker!

In any case, hope you get a chance to get to Albertson's if those deals interest you, and good luck on the giveaway, if you decide to enter!