Monday, July 6, 2009

Cap and Trade can still be stopped

Gotta love the checks and balances. Especially in this case, since the Cap and Trade Bill passed in the House of Representatives.

For any and all Senators, look here. For Idaho:

Senator Crapo

Senator Risch

I called Senator Crapo's office this morning, and was informed that he has not yet decided on which way he will be voting. Please call and let him know what you think.

I was informed that Senator Risch is voting against it. I asked his staff to thank him. Please call and let him know that you are supporting him in his decision.

If you are wondering why I find this applicable to prepping, you are probably not alone, and may want to check out this post from last week. I really feel that this could have a negative effect on our abilities to prepare for emergencies, as well as hasten the need to use the supplies we (hopefully) already have on hand.

Your opinion does matter, and it can make a difference. Please contact as many Senators as you can to make your thoughts known. Our vote may not affect them, but there are only 100 of them, and their vote definitely affects us. Cap and Trade needs to end in the Senate.

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