Monday, August 31, 2009

In the short-term category...

The Albertson's deals that end tomorrow had a couple of deals that I thought would be good for my short-term storage. To be honest, when it comes to my three-month supply (that I keep working on) my main concern is the dinner meal, so I haven't concentrated as much as I could on the other two meals.

However, and I am sure as I can be without relocating the flyer from last Wednesday's paper, that one of the deals that is week-long is 18 oz. jars of peanut butter 2/$4.00. I was so excited about that that I went that day and bought some peanut butter, which I figure is really good for lunches, and pretty filling any time of the day. They also had some pretty good buys on cold cereal, which as a rule gives me sticker shock, so got some of that too. 2 Tramps, from over at Tramp's Camp left a comment on my other blog about The Grocery Girls blog, whose Aug. 27th post goes in to more detail on some of these deals, and gives ideas on how to save even more on your purchases. I mention these details on this blog because I don't know how widespread Albertson's stores/Albertson's deals are, but I would imagine they are similar across our state, and as mentioned on the Grocery Girls blog, are likely to be similar in Utah as well. In any case, if you have an Albertson's near you, it may be worthwhile to give them a call and find out...

So, yeah, still working/should be concentrating more on my short-term storage, but at least now I have more peanut butter in the storage room.... :)


idahobob said...

Every time we go to COSTCO (once a month for us) I tell my DW that we can NEVER have too much Peanut Butter.



Marie said...

Bob--Your evil laugh made me laugh, and I can't agree with you more about the peanut butter...thanks for your comment!

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Marie, this is Brenda from grocerygirls.blogspot. Thanks for your nice comment! If any of your readers are interested, I just got back from my favorite Albies (20 E fairview in Meridian) and thought you might like to know that the Old Meridian Albertsons (by Big Lots!) has TONS of the Post Selects. They are $2.50 each, or $1.50 each automatically when you buy 4 at a time. Also, a catalina for $3 prints for every 4 you buy. So they end up being $3 for 4 boxes of cereal! Then if you have $1/2 coupons (SS 7/26), it ends up being only $1 out of pocket ($.25 a box!), and if you double one of those, then FREE!!!! They even still had 2 pallets of the Blueberry Morning cereal, and it looked like every other variety, stacked high up front and also back by the milk.

The address for this Albies is 20 E Fairview. If you are coming from the freeway, take the Meridian/Kuna exit, and head to Meridian. Just stay on that all the way and it will end in the Albertsons/Big Lots parking lot.

They also had a shelf FULL of the Lysol wipes which end up being free with $1 coupon (SS 7/12) and a doubler.

So hurry in! The deals end today.

Love your blog! Thanks for finding me, because now I found you! (You can link to me on your sidebar, can I also link to you?)

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Marie, also, all of Idaho, Utah, Washington and Oregon are the "Albertsons Northwest Region" and usually have the same Ad out. Things do vary slightly from time to time, but usually only a little bit, and it is usually the fresh items, like meat, dairy, produce. Hope that helps! Have a lovely day!

Marie said...

Brenda--Thanks very much for all the detailed information--hope that you don't mind that I just posted on it in the hopes that it will help someone (almost immediately if they take advantage of it tonight) with their food storage. I know that cold cereal may not be the most practical food storage item ever, but if the electricity is out, it may come in awfully handy... :)
Thanks especially for the information on Albertson's ads, because I have wondered for awhile about what areas had Albertson's available to them. Feel free to link to this blog if you would like, and thanks for letting me add your blog to the sidebar!