Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guest Post: J.S. from Nampa

From Marie: Reason I don't know how many that I really, really, really should check my e-mail more often--thanks to J.S. from Nampa, who wrote me an e-mail and graciously agreed to let me use it as this post:

I am not an LDS member but I also believe in being prepared. I am on a fixed income and make just enough not to qualify for any “assistance” from the government. I have 1 years worth of food already and did it in less than 6 months on a $100.00 a month budget for food. Now I’m working on not only surviving but thriving. Some things that worked for me:

Use the internet prior to shopping. Most stores have their sales flyers up on their websites every week. Fred Meyers on Sundays, Paul’s and Albertsons on Wed. Cash & Carry’s ads are once a month for dry good goods/freezer items.

Rethink priorities

100 pounds of rice will feed 1 adult for a year. You can get that at Cash and carry in Sep 09 for $35.00. Same for Beans but pintos are running about $25.00 for 50 pounds at Cash and carry. A person needs less than a pound a week of meat to be healthy. Get your basics 1st then add too them. Shop the ethnic food Isles in stores. In Paul’s I have found beans and rice up to 25% cheaper in the “Hispanic” Isles compared to the regular ones, because you buy in bulk.

Spices and more spices, Rice is so flexible you can make Indian Curries, Thai, Mexican, South American, Creole or Cajun meals just by using different spices.

Flour is critical for me since I bake all my own breads. It will store for 2 years in proper containers. I bought flour 1st and now working towards whole grains. I like Masa, better than corn meal. My body handles in better, it’s cheap and all you add is water.

My Basic List for Prep Start

50# bag of rice $17.00
50# bag of Pinto’s $25.00
50 # White Flour $15.00
10# bag Sugar $5.00 More if you have a sweet tooth/baking coffee,teas or make your own candies
Powder milk Lg Box $18.00
Honey, Real 5# $12-17.00 Great multi-tasker
Yeast 1# $2-5.00 Starter for sourdoughs and gets you going for baking breads, donuts and more.
Salt 4# $5.00 Kosher,iodized, and Pickling Salt

Now for about $100.00 you have a good start. No, it’s not perfect but it will give you a basis to build on without breaking the bank.

Thanks again to J.S. for the great info!


Anonymous said...

Great information. Easy to implement. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great post JS. Sounds like you have a good supply built up.

Kentucky Preppers Network

SciFiChick said...

Nice start on the preps and a good post!

Preparedness Pro said...

Great post from JS! Salt and honey really are super items to have in food storage because they are SO versatile! http://tinyurl.com/dxzx7n

Loretta said...

This is a wonderful post.. thank you so much. please feature this article on the the bizymoms Nampa community page, i am sure the mom's will love it