Monday, May 3, 2010

Unusual emergencies

A couple of unusual emergencies have occurred in our country recently:

--I first heard about the water pipe break in Boston yesterday, and found this article on it today. From what I understand, the break has had far-reaching consequences, and while water is available, it must be boiled. I found it interesting that one person quoted remarked that it is "inconvenient"--I'm just glad that they have water to work with, even though it must be boiled. Perhaps more disturbing are some of the comments in the comment section (though I read only the first few) about fights over the bottled water in the stores...

--The oil spill disaster is affecting the Louisiana fishing industry, which you can read about here. In the linked article, mention is made of the fact that the fishermen are now unable to go out and harvest, when they have spent a great deal of money to get ready for the fishing season, which usually begins about this time. This means less (or perhaps, unfortunately, no) revenue for them, and less available food for any/everyone who relies on the seafood they usually provide. In this less recent article, there is a man quoted who indicates that this disaster will have an impact on the sea life in the area that could last many years.

My thoughts and prayers are with the fishermen and their families, and to those (some of whom are the same fishermen) who have to work in dangerous conditions to clean up the effects of the oil spill. I hope that those affected have enough provisions set aside to weather this emergency, and I hope that everyone in the affected area in Boston has the means to either boil their water or purchase clean water. And I hope everyone everywhere prepares for emergencies, unusual or no....


Sondra said...

I read the water problem article earlier today. It always amazes me that they are not prepared - especially after 9/11 with water and food.

With the bomb scare this weekend, this past winter ice storms, plus the water problem it sad that people in NY are not prepared with supplies in their home. I can't even believe they are fighting in the stores over water supplies..

There has been lots of talk from FEMA, Government agencies to have a 72 hour kit - yet so many people don't listen. I still am fighting it within my extended family to be prepared. Even with trials, these people don't get prepared - I always wonder why that is. They are NOT too smart when they don't listen and be prepared so they can rest easy during these problems.

Can you imagine having a baby on formula and don't have good clean water to feed it?? I'm just shaking my head and wish people would get a clue and get prepared.

It IS very sad about the ocean and the oil spill. Those poor families of the fishermen. I hope they will be able to find work helping clean up the mess. It is tragic. Good by sea food and tuna fish for a while - I'm sure the prices will sky rocket. Just another thing to be grateful for if your pantry is full of tuna and you are prepared for the increase in price.

I do love the peace that comes from having my shelves stocked with food and water. It's also great with their is a re-call on food that mine is safe or behind older product and I can take it back and not get sick.

Sorry for the novel. It just seems like lots of things are bombarding our world right now. The volcano, the tornados, the earthquakes, the flooding, oil disaster... I tend to get nervous when so many things are coming at us in such a short period of time.

Bottom line for everyone is to get prepared!

Marie said...

Sondra--That was one of the first thoughts I had when I read about the fighting in the stores--that someone wouldn't want to risk anything and would want bottled water for baby formula.
I couldn't agree more that there are just so many things going on right now--I'm worried about the people in Tennessee as well with all the flooding there. I also agree with your bottom line--and hope that there are a lot of people are prepared that don't say anything about it. Perhaps wishful thinking, but there are so many reasons to get prepared that it is hard to imagine that people don't want to put something aside for an emergency...
You make a lot of excellent points--thanks very much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

We have seen so much of "disasters" this year from the flooding in to the Dakotas to snowmeggedon on the east coast. The best way to be positive is to be ready. Look at what folks are dealing with and think about how and what you will do in the same situation. Prepare mentally as well as physically.
What gives me so much hope is how folks help each other out and give of thier time and resources. FEMA is a joke depend on yourself, your family and your neighbors.

Marie said...

Anonymous--There certainly is a lot going on that wouldn't ordinarily be expected, and I couldn't agree more that we can learn from other's experiences to better prepare. I also agree that usually people will help each other if they can--and even if FEMA can show up, it might take awhile, so having people you know in your area beforehand that can work with you in an emergency is definitely a better system to rely on--thanks for your comment!