Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Need info on Wordpress

I am considering switching my blogs over to wordpress, but have only ever blogged on blogspot. If anyone has answers to the following questions, I would greatly appreciate if you left info in the comments:

--I have only gotten to what amounts to the first page in wordpress, because it then gives you a chance to pick free, or to pay for your blog for $99/year. I ( probably along with 99.99999% of the blogging community) would prefer to have the free option, but there is a big difference (understandably) between what one is able to do when blogging free and when paying for it. So my first question is, when it says that with the free option that you don't have the "no ads" feature, does that mean that once you start blogging, random ads pop up on your page? That issue is my biggest concern--you may have noticed that I don't advertise (outside of links within the posts or on the blogroll, or when I find a reaaaallllly good deal and mention the business offering said good deal) on my blogs, and would prefer not to start now. I am not a professional, and am just trying to help others while I am trying to learn myself.

--Would you still continue to read my blogs if they did have the random ads on them? (Yeah, always amazing to me that people read my blogs. Many thanks... :)

--What is domain name and mapping, which is not included in the free package, but is included in the paid package?

--If you have switched to wordpress, did you delete your original blog after importing the info? Seems like that would be the best option, but am wondering if others have kept both blogs, and then only added new posts to the newer blog.

Granted, that is only on the sign-up page, and I may find that I have other questions later, but you have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, if you have any info to share, please do, and thanks in advance.

On an Idaho water supply note, I have now heard from three people that despite our really weird (almost) no snow winter, there isn't really a threat of drought because there has been enough snow in the mountains to make it so that it's not an issue. I'm grateful for that!


Katrina said...

Marie Are you serious about places wanting $99/mo for a wordpress blog or was that a typo? please don't pay anyone $99 a month for a blog. Get your domain name (around $15) and hosting through a hosting service. I get mine through GoDaddy but other bloggers like other hosting providers that offer similar pricing. GD offers hosting starting at 5.99/mo but you can drop that price by prepaying (the longer you prepay for the better the deal.)

It seems daunting at first but anyone can DIY blog. Wordpress is obnoxiously easy and there are lots of sites that will teach you the basics for free. The rest is trial and error! I am still learning but I think that that is a big part of the fun of blogging! Truly it is criminal that anyone would charge $99/mo for hosting a basic blog.

Marie said...

Katrina--Thanks so much for the info and encouragement. I realize that I have a typo now that I read your comment--I haven't looked at wordpress rates recently, but I think it was $99/year, which makes a difference, but still too much when I do this blog for free. Sorry for the mistake, but now I know another place to look so I have more options! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, and for the great information!