Friday, May 18, 2012

Idaho--and a Bingham County election...

Some things speak for themselves. Thanks to J.H., who posted the following elsewhere, but gave me permission to post it on my blog:

"Just before the Idaho primaries this past Tuesday, there was a forum where people were asking questions of the candidates for sheriff of Bingham County. When incumbent sheriff Dave Johnson was asked what he would do if the Federal Government mandated to take all firearms away from private citizens, he responded that he would have to comply with the feds. When candidate Craig Rowland was asked the same question, he responded that he would deputize every citizen who owned a firearm. Rowland got an applause and was elected Bingham County Sheriff this last Tuesday. Congratulations to Craig Rowland!"

Yeah. Gotta love Idaho.... :) And the Second Amendment. And the Constitution.

If any other sheriffs out there hadn't thought of this, I think that it's brilliant. After all, if a firearm is a part of your emergency preparation, you may find yourself in trouble if someone takes it away. There are many emergency situations where a firearm may be needed. In any case, if you are personally against firearms, please work out a plan where you have what you need for food procurement, etc. in case of such emergencies.

And hopefully, no matter what one thinks personally about firearms, they will vote for people who will uphold the Constitution and the freedoms we hold dear--and the right to bear arms is one of them.

Thanks again, J. H.!


Anonymous said...

We have an incumbent sherriff here in Lemhi County who says, "Well, the feds are coming anyway, we just as well get along with them, so memorandums of understanding are o. k." Running against him is a strict constitutionalist (he says). This would be a good question to ask both of them.

Marie said...

Lloyd--Thanks for sharing--I don't remember ever hearing about memorandums of understanding. I hope whoever is elected there upholds the Constitution. If someone does ask them the question, I hope I hear how it comes out...thanks again!