Friday, May 10, 2013

Not making lemonade...


Introducing our lemon tree! I am really excited because I would love, love, love to find a way to grow citrus, and when I saw this little Meyer Lemon tree advertised in a catalog, which claimed that you, too, can grow lemons without living in a tropical climate, I had to give it a try. Let's be honest, my expectations are not all that high, but apparently, even though Idaho is what is known as a 4 or 5 zone (and citrus is usually expected in a 9-10  zone) if you don't let it stay outside in the cold, it can grow in its little pot and produce lemons! Oh, the possibilities! Since it is only hot, say, oh about 2-3 weeks a year in Idaho, I hope that it loves being inside our house right next to our window with the best lighting, and we will let it sit outside in the sun whenever possible. I am very excited about this little tree, and hope that we have success growing it.

From the same company we ordered some blueberry plants, which we have not yet planted because I am a little worried about late frost around here. The weather has been nice around here for the past couple of days, so it is likely that we will get them in today or tomorrow. How sad it would be if they froze on the first night that they were out in our yard...

Hope all is well where you are--and that any planting/growing you do this year will prosper!

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