Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soup's on--sale!

Went to Wal-Mart last night to purchase, among other things, some soup. The shelves were about bare of any type of soup that we would usually eat, and the reason is:

Progresso soups are on sale for 2/$3
Campbell's Chunky soups are on sale 2/$3

I figured I would just have to ask when they were going to stock up again, but managed to get a couple of cans of chicken noodle soup (Chunky) because they were on display in the front of the store by the checkout. Then this morning, having forgotten something needed for this afternoon, I found myself in the vicinity of a different checkout line, and found 4 packs of Campbell's chicken noodle soup, at 2 packs/$4. I got several, because if I find that I can get soup for $.50/can I try to take advantage of it.

It may go beyond the price of the soup when it comes down to actually using it, as was recently pointed out in this post over at iPrepared. Also, canned soup is a lot less effort and requires a lot less energy in terms of heat to prepare, so it's good to have on hand if you have a shortage of either fuel or personal energy due to illness or other circumstances. But hey, if you can get it at a better price, you win in more ways than one....

In other food advertising news, thought I'd mention that at Albertson's this week they have Rice-A-Roni for 10/$10. I mention this one because of the Spam Fried Rice recipe over at Preparedness Pro that makes an oh-so-handy meal in terms of a 3 month supply option. I've already mentioned it on my other blog, but if you're looking for another easy meal for your rotation, you might want to check this one out.

Let's hope that everyone is preparing enough so that they'll always be able to say soup's on when we'd like to---emergency or not.


Preparedness Pro said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the Spam Fried Rice at Preparedness Pro. Another delicious recipe that includes rice is this Chicken Wild Rice recipe -- you'll love it! I've been making it a lot lately for my classes and it's very popular.

Marie said...

Preparedness Pro--The Spam Fried Rice is a really useful recipe, although its popularity varies according to the vegetable we decide to use... :) Corn is the favorite, and we've used it with canned chicken. Thanks again for sharing it. Will have to check out the Chicken Wild Rice recipe--always looking for more! Thanks for the link, and for your comment!