Friday, October 9, 2009

Yet another way that we're all in this together...

Found this article on Idaho government a little while ago--it shows how dependent the financial system of the state is on personal income tax. People who have no jobs don't pay income tax, and the state, in turn, receives less money. Programs still have to be paid for, or cut. So for everyone that loses their job, everyone feels the effect somehow.

If we end up paying more-- for example, for school activities or the like--then that money has to come from somewhere. The more supplies we already have on hand in terms of food and/or other supplies could help by allowing us to put the money at our disposal towards these new expenses while eating our food storage, instead of our having to choose between the two.

That's just one example, and while I am certain other people could give better explanations/examples, I do know that anything we put aside today in terms of emergency preparedness supplies will help us later. Those fortunate enough to remain employed may be able to put available cash towards other expenses and even be able to help out others, while those who find themselves unemployed will be in a much better to position to feed themselves and/or their loved ones.

We're all in this together--please do what you can to increase your emergency preparedness supplies. One can at a time, one bottle of water at a time, one piece of knowledge at a time, it all matters. The key is to start. Or to keep going. And above all, to never give up. If you are in a hard situation right now, I hope your circumstances improve quickly. What affects one of us truly does affect us all.


Anonymous said...

I think we will see an economic crash similar to Argentina's. It's going to get tight but life will go on. Bartering, black and Grey markets. Especially if Congress enacts a VAT. It will get worse for tax revenues, if folks think a tax is reasonable they will pay it. But if it get's out of hand they won't. A good example are the "fees" for "Personalized License Plates" Idaho wanted more money so they raised the price. So folks just stopped buying them. Net loss for Idaho. Cigarette Taxes for another, when they jacked up the taxes by 300% they made it to expensive to smoke and then they paid for the plans and meds for folks to quit smoking. I figured they are loosing at least $30,000 per month just in Idaho and that's an extremely conservative estimate. Just some basic number crunching I gathered off the internet. Why do you think everyone is talking about soda taxes now? Plus Smoker's were less of a burden on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security since they died so much earlier.

Kymber said...

Very beautifully put Marie! Thank you for an inspiring post to start my day...your are so right - "what affects one of us truly does affect us all" - thank you for this!

Marie said...

Anonymous--I need to learn more about the situation in Argentina--that doesn't sound good. I heard about the remark on the value-added tax by the Speaker on the House, and that also doesn't sound good. I hope that it doesn't pass, and plan to e-mail and call representatives if it rears its ugly head. They don't always listen, but one can but try.
Hadn't heard about some of the situations you mention, but they are great insights. There is a commercial about the soda tax airing lately. You sum it up nicely when you say that people pay what's reasonable. Sometimes it's hard to keep up on everything they want to tax.....thanks for your commment!

Kymber--Thanks for your kind words--hopefully we are all getting better prepared so that we're all better off together as well... :) Thanks for your comment!