Monday, November 30, 2009

J.S. from Nampa: Prep Multi-Taskers

I am a big fan of Alton Brown on the food network. There is only one uni-tasker in his kitchen and that’s a fire extinguisher. That is how I approach preparing. Honey for example: anti-bacterial, medicinal, sweetener or can be used in sauces, or curing. Best of all it lasts forever or at least 3000 years. Salt: Seasoning, preservative, cleaner, weed killer and cuts down on shoveling snow.

Animals: Cats and dogs great multi-taskers. Dogs are great security alarms, great stress reducers, and entertaining. Cats are great hunters, very little of my garden has gone to squirrels or birds this year. Stress reducers as well. Chickens, rabbits, live stock, they provide you with a renewable resource and should be treated with respect.

Check your city codes; I can have only 3 chickens and no roosters. But Rabbits are not covered at all in the code so I can have as many as I can maintain. Also rabbit manure is not “HOT”. It can be placed on garden and planting beds immediately. If anyone needs some manure let me know. I have about 2 trash cans full I am giving away. Bring a container with you and you can get some free fertilizer. I also have 9 bunnies that are being weaned; colors are black, whites and sables. They are cross breeds I like that because they tend to be hardier than pure breeds.

Time for the sales:

Cash and Carry Expires 5 Dec. 09
Flour 50 pounds $11.00
Coffee Large can 34.5 Oz. $4.99
Bacon $ 9.95 10 Pounds
Rolled oats 25 pounds $ 11.78

From Marie: Thanks, J.S., for another great post! And blame me if you have to hurry to get the deals listed here--there was a delay in my posting it. You still have five days, though, if there is a Cash and Carry near you!


Anonymous said...

A lot of stores are doing 10% discounts for Seniors. Mostly on Tuesdays. D&B, Kings, Fred Meyers, and Pauls. Kings also has a 10% discount for Veterans on Wed. as well as layaways. 10% down and 10% a month.
This can really stretch those dollars a bit more.

AP said...

Good ideas--one of my favorite multi-taskers is vinegar for cleaning or eating. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Hi There!

Just found your site this morning! Wow, what great information, thanks to all who have pulled this info together.

I do have a question about the 'cash and carry' sale. How can one be notified of such sales, or am I missing a link somewhere here on the site?

Thanks and happy prepping!


Anonymous said...
Cash and Carry website