Monday, December 27, 2010

Wanna vote on where a million dollars goes for food aid?

If you or someone you know is on facebook, there is a campaign from Wal-Mart in which they are donating $1 million dollars to fight hunger to the community who gets the most "like" votes on Facebook. It's not just any community--they have identified the communities with the most food hardship, and there are 100 to choose from. In Idaho, they have identified Boise City-Nampa as being one of those communities. At the time that I looked at it, Boise City-Nampa is #44 in the running.

You can vote here.

Right now, Boise City-Nampa has 698 supporters, and Salt Lake City, which is currently ranked #1, has 46,213 supporters. Whoever you vote for, you can only vote until December 31, so at this point, you have 4 days plus in which to vote.

And if you get the chance and have the means, don't forget to put aside some cans/boxes of food into your pantry for storage so that you can have some "food aid" of your own on hand for future situations and emergencies....

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