Monday, January 3, 2011

It's cold outside. (Understatement)

I don't know about where you live, but in our region lately, we've been in the midst of a very, very, very cold snap. We're talking O to the teens in terms of actual temperature, and then somewhere way down below zero when it comes to the windchill. This morning it was 20 below with the windchill factor, and it probably won't get all that much warmer today, but one can hope.... :)

What if you got stuck out in the cold? Are you prepared for an emergency of this nature? What's in your car? In this video, there is a report about some scouts who survived being stranded in the cold, and some tips from someone with experience about what you should have in your car. One of the interesting points he makes is that it doesn't have to be extreme temperatures to create an emergency in terms of the cold. It can be a problem at temperatures way above what we are currently experiencing. In fact, I think his words are, "You can freeze to death at any temperature."

Emergencies happen unexpectedly--but being ready all the time can make all the difference....

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