Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gas prices go do other costs

Yeah, not newsbreaking, or anything, to say that when gas prices go up food costs and other costs go up along with them, because of transportation and production costs, etc.--but thought you might be interested in the details in this article, which talks about what's going on with the prices now.

Also, found this article on the shelf life of spices interesting. If you are going to try to make limited resources taste good, spices are a good addition to the food storage list. They, as mentioned here, can be expensive, but might help when one of your children or other member of the group you'll be responsible for is really craving something with a different flavor...

Hope all is well with everyone--weather here in Idaho can't seem to make up its mind. At some points, it has seemed like spring has arrived...only to find that it's raining/snowing/sleeting (? It has looked like possible hail recently, but I wasn't curious enough to go out and actually get hit with it to find out :) soon after. Anyway, got to get to the gardening soon, even if it's only inside.... :)

Oh, and on the third try I did get the deal on the flour mentioned in an earlier post. Am wondering at what time the price of the gas surpasses the money saved on the food deal, though....


idahobob said...

We purchase our herbs and spices, in bulk, from here:

We then put them in Ball jars, usually pints, and then seal them by vacuum sealing, using the jar lid attachment on the food saver.

We are currently using some that we sealed five years ago. Good stuff!


Marie said...

IdahoBob--Thanks for the link--I'll have to check it out in detail. Also appreciate the info on storage because I haven't tried that--great info, so thanks for sharing!