Monday, April 4, 2011

Today or tomorrow....

You might want to visit your local Albertson's, with the usual assumption that the deals that I'm about to mention won't be available unless you have an Albertson's card. Also, never hurts to call your local Albertson's to make sure the deals are available where you are.... ---5 lb. bags of Albertson's sugar for $1.99/each Limit 6 ---5 lb. bags of Albertson's flour for $.99/each Limit 6 ---Green Giant canned vegetables 3/$1.00 Limit 24 ---Hunt's ketchup 24 oz. 10/$10.00 The above deals are the ones I was hoping to get, although I visited two different Albertson's, one Friday, and one today, and neither of them had the flour on the shelves. The cashier today said that she thought that they would have more flour coming in on a truck tonight, so I may have to head back at that price. For price comparison, the 5 lb. bag of sugar usually costs $4.49, if memory serves. Prices everywhere are going up.... It's my understanding that these prices are good through tomorrow night. I mention these deals because there is no coupon attached, though there is a limit. Speaking of limits, gotta love how the limits on (most if not all) the coupons I have seen lately in the Walgreens ads don't apply in Idaho.... :) You may also be interested in the deal on milk and cereal highlighted (which is also at Albertson's) over at The Grocery Girls. Thanks for the info on that, Grocery Girls! Sorry I didn't get this up earlier. Hope that everyone who wants these deals gets them, and maybe the third time will be the charm for me in terms of the deal on flour.... :)

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