Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fires in Idaho and elsewhere

Have been watching for news concerning the fire burning near Pine and Featherville, and the most recent information I can find at the moment is the article here. According to the linked article, there are nine fires burning in Idaho right now, and it goes on to give more information on fires in other areas across the West.

Situations like this always make me wonder just how prepared I am. Are my 72-hour kits really ready? Is there anything in my car, or that I would have with me that would help me deal with a situation like that the rafters mentioned in the above article experienced? Would I have enough in my storage to be able to avoid going out into the smoke involved (which is/has been a problem, and is mentioned in this older article) if necessary for health reasons?

How quickly could you evacuate? Might be time for an evacuation drill around here, is what I'm thinking. I am hoping the best for everyone more closely affected, and for whom it isn't a drill at this point...

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