Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To each their own--Environment can be particular

Oh yes, it's time for another remark about Idaho:

"If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, you live in Idaho ." --Jeff Foxworthy

Yes, Idaho is kind of notorious for being cold--there may be a couple of times during the summer when you wish for air conditioning, but the temperatures at night get cold a lot of the time even then. The way that environment is particular in Idaho is the wintry weather (the wind chill temperatures have been brutal lately) and we need to take that into account as we gather emergency supplies.

So this is an open invitation to bloggers and/or blog readers in Idaho to send in how you are preparing in particular for cold Idaho weather. Hopefully right now (and as far as I know) there are no power outages to deal with, but what do you have in place in case one were to occur? What would you do for an evacuation in the dead of winter in Idaho? What kind of clothing should you have in your 72-hour kit at this time of year that would help to ensure a more comfortable situation for you and yours if you found yourself exposed to the elements? Hopefully you get the idea--I would appreciate any input on how you take care of providing heat for people, structures, or pets. I can probably come up with a couple of posts on the subject, but I would really appreciate the addition of other peoples' expertise. I know, I know, cyber-begging isn't pretty, but it's worth it if more people get themselves prepared as a result. I know I have to do more research myself.

One last thing on the posting part--if you send me a post through the comment section, and indicate that you would like to use it as a post, I will not publish it as a comment, but copy and paste it and post it as a post. I understand the anonymity thing. You can send the comment anonymously, and sign yourself as "Idaho Blogger" or "Potato Harvester"--whatever--I just would really appreciate hearing from others--and I bet any readers would too.... :)

Can't resist this quote in conjunction with this subject:

"If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you live in Idaho ." --Jeff Foxworthy

Yeah, Idahoans are a hearty bunch who weather the cold well, but we still don't want to be caught unprepared in low temperatures.

Oh, and for those who are still reading, and were looking for something a little more interesting than a plea for help, check out what can happen in Venice in this article. Talk about having specific environmental conditions to deal with... The pictures are amazing, and I also think that it's pretty extraordinary that the people just take those kind of weather conditions in stride.

I hope that anyone who lives in cold conditions can handle emergency situations that well in wintry weather.....getting prepared increases the chances of that being the case. And even if you think that every Idahoan knows what to do, share your knowledge anyway--they don't call it the world-wide web for nothing, and you never know who you might help.... :)


Carla said...

Marie - I've actually been thinking about doing a post to my blog similar to this: How I Managed to Survive our Record-Breaking Snowfalls or something similar to that. Thanks for the prod/motivation. I'll start composing today!

Carla said...

Oh, and here's another: "You know you're from Idaho when you've seen snow every month of the year."

Marie said...

Carla--I would love to see that post! I hear you on that snow thing--just last year it snowed in June, and we delayed our garden, but that's Idaho for you... Thanks for your comments!

Carla said...

Well, the post didn't turn out quite like I expected - not quite as 'informative' as I thought it would be - guess I need some writing practice!

Marie said...

Carla--I went over and read it and you made some really excellent points--thanks for letting me know it was there!