Monday, June 8, 2009

Gratitude for the Armed Forces

We heard there was a B-17 at the Idaho Falls Airport this past weekend, so we loaded up the children and managed to get there. As you can see from the weather, it was not exactly an ideal time for planting the garden. As it was, we were outside in the rain, except when we took a self-guided tour of the aircraft. No matter what the weather, we wouldn't have wanted to miss this--not very often you see a WWII plane up close and personal...

There was also a gentleman there that was a tailgunner on a B-17. Amazing. We took our children through and talked about history and hopefully they will remember the men who fought in WWII, both those who did and those who did not come back.

What does this have to do with being prepared? Well, we each need to do our part and if we are prepared for emergencies of whatever nature, we will be stronger individually and stronger as a nation. We can learn from the resourcefulness and courage of those who have gone before us so that we too can meet whatever is coming our way. WWII was a tough time--victory gardens, rations, and in the end, success.

It is always hard for me to know what to say to Veterans of whatever war they have served in, because words always seem so inadequate. Having acknowledged that, I will say this:

To those who have served and returned: Thank you for putting your lives on the line to protect our freedom and to serve our country.

To those who have had family members serve and not return: I am grateful and I will never forget.


matthiasj said...

Great post Marie. I would like to see a B-17 up close.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marie said...

MatthiasJ--It was definitely a learning experience to go inside--a lot smaller and cramped than I would have thought. It was also easy to imagine how loud it would have been during battle, and how terrifying it would have been to be using the guns with other planes coming right at you. I already appreciated those who fought, but this just reinforced my opinion that you can't understand what it's like unless you've been there. I know I don't, but I was glad to learn more about it. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

If you ever get a chance to come to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wisconsin, make it a point to go to the EAA War Birds Museum in Oshkosh. Being a boomer with WWII parents I found the exhibits very informative and interesting. They not only focus on the aircraft but what every day life in America was like. We just don't appreciate the hardships the war effort imposed on J Q Public. Nice Post Marie. and the Pic from the back of the plane is seriously cool.


preparednesspro said...

I second this salute of gratitude. It is immeasurably humbling to think of the sacrifices made during WWI and WWII on our behalf. By the way, that's a great shot of the rear of the plane.

Marie said...

Carl--If I get the chance, I would love to see that. I like to read about that time period because I like to learn how people coped with really hard situations and how they managed to get by. Thanks--I like the photo, but have to give credit to my husband for that shot. Thanks as always for your comment!

Preparedness Pro--I've read more about WWII than WWI, so that's another era to learn from that I should look into. Can't say enough about how much those generations have done for our country--thanks so much for your comment!