Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something fishy

Well, perhaps I should have said some things fishy. A couple of fishing relating items specific to Idaho:

---Idaho's having a free fishing day this Saturday--June 13. Find the details here.

---There's a request for public comment on fishing rules until June 26th. Find the details here.

Thought you might be interested--it's good to acquire and develop fishing skills. It's also good to make your voices heard....


Kymber said...

i couldn't agree more Marie!
fishing skills are a skill-set that every prepper needs - and fish are so yummy!
and making your voice heard is the only way to have a say in anything!

Marie said...

Kymber--It's a skill I don't have yet, but I couldn't agree more. Hope everybody makes their voices heard on the important issues especially--thanks so much for your commment!