Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please get your grains in...

Not such good news on the wheat front. Kellene Bishop, over at Preparedness Pro, put this post up recently about the wheat shortage. I hope that you will read the entire post, including the comments, but this portion will hopefully catch the attention of some of those who may be sitting on the fence when it comes to purchasing some wheat for their storage:

"I have just received inside information from two chains that formal letters are being disseminated among grocery stores across the U.S. informing employees that wheat and affected prices will be doubling by the end of the summer. Food prices in general have experienced the highest inflation rate of the past 18 years. "

"Not such good news" is not strong enough. Bad, bad, unfortunate news is closer. There is also this post, over at North Dakota Preppers Network posted a while ago. More recent articles on the wheat situation can be found here and here.

If you don't have wheat, or enough wheat, in storage, please consider increasing your supply if you have the means. In Idaho, the news may be a little better, according to this article, but it's always good to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


Anonymous said...

I think there will be serious food problems this fall. Time to stock up now!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are advising your readers about the wheat shortage in our nation. Thanks for linking back to the Wheat Shortage post on Preparedness Pro as well. I called our local grocery store in Utah and they are selling 50 lbs of wheat between $17-20 approximately. Let's get prepared!

Marie said...

MatthiasJ--I always hope for more time to prepare, but I try to prepare as much as possible as quickly as possible, because you never know when you'll need emergency supplies. I hope everyone is stocking up now (if not yesterday)--thanks for your comment!

Preparedness Pro--Thanks for posting about the wheat--made me even more nervous about the wheat situation, but sometimes if people get nervous they get motivated, so I hope a lot of people read it and get motivated, nervous or not. I'll have to check out the prices around here--I hope everyone gets prepared, so we're all in a better situation when we need to use food storage. Thanks for your comment!

Jim said...

Great info on the wheat shortage. There are other indicators as well. I am in a great location to get wheat at substantial discounts and can arrange group orders if anyone is interested in the pallet loads. I can be reached via

Marie said...

Jim--I'll have to check your site out--thanks for the info!