Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gotta love info from other blogs....

Not that much from me in this post--just links to a couple of posts that you might be interested in:

1.) On my other blog yesterday I mentioned the cost of tortillas (and will ask the same question here: Has anyone else noticed the price going up? I didn't buy tortillas last time I was shopping because the cost of a large package was closer to $5.00 than $4.00, which to me was not worth it...) and linked to the tortilla recipe that I use, which is here. Then, imagine my surprise when I headed over to Preparedness Pro, and there were not only many uses for tortillas in this post, but also many that you might want to check out the comments there as well, since there are more great ideas there too--gotta love variety and options.

2.) Over at My Adventures in Self-Reliance, there is a great list of some sales that you might be interested in. The more money you can save, the more you have with which to prepare for emergency situations... :)

Well, thanks to My Adventures in Self-Reliance and Preparedness Pro for sharing their info--sometimes one of the best ways to prepare is to gather as much information as you can...


Adventures in Self Reliance said...

Well we got hot and cuoponing like feinds. I don't really but the inflation numbers. I know my food and energy cost have gone up no matter what the Fed says.
No matter I have plenty of sales at my website and you may stay even. I hope!

Marie said...

Adventures in Self Reliance--I love when I find coupons for stuff that I would buy anyway... :) Thanks again for posting the sales news!

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

I don't coupon well but I'm great on finding good buys. If you can capitalise on it great.
We are all in this together. While I may piss and moan I need you to be prepared. Every person that gets prepared is another ally and someone I don't look at as a looter.
It's darn cheap to get ready for SHTF rather than looting and sucking around for a load of buckshot.
I'm pretty happy how my hunting for bargains is working out. If you have coupons you rock but most folks will get a good buy. I stumbled on some detergent at Big Lots 77 loads for $2.75. Well I have used Xtra laundry detergent and found it okay even above average on cleaning clothes. this cover you for 1 load a week for under $3.00 for a year for soap.
2 jugs cover you for 2 loads a week every week on laundry soap plus a few extra loads.For under $10.00.

Marie said...

Adventures in Self Reliance--Looks like I need to check out Big Lots! I hope people are remembering to put aside things like soap and shampoo as well, because I can only imagine the prices will just continue to go up, up, up. Thanks for the reminder and the heads-up on the detergent!