Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thinking about gardening yet?

Yeah, it doesn't exactly feel like the season for gardening (although it has gotten warmer since I last wrote). Looks like they are thinking ahead already in Idaho Falls, though.

If you are interested in classes about gardening, starting on January 8-- according to the information that I've seen--there will be some held at the Idaho Falls Recreation Annex in the South Room. According to said information, the address is 1575 N. Skyline, out near the airport. For more information, you can go here to the Idaho Falls Community Garden Association website. Among the many classes listed are "Container Gardening: Growing in Small Spaces", and "Growing and Using Herbs". Classes are varied and offered on different days, so I strongly suggest heading over to the website--wouldn't want to mistype something. (Hope I haven't already.

Glad that people are willing to share their expertise--it's appreciated! And did I mention that the classes are free? (Actually, I didn't the first time I wrote this, but it was good enough to come back and edit the post for... :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm dreaming over my seed catalogs.

Marie said...

Anonymous--I need to get more seeds--preferably non-hybrid-- and then hope for better yield this year than last...but it is fun to think about and plan for, isn't it? Thanks for your comment!