Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gotta love the opportunity to buy locally...

American Prepper, over at American Preppers Network, sent a couple of links my way. He's from Naples, ID, and up in Northern Idaho they are putting together an internet market where you can support ID businesses and get some good supplies in store for yourself as well. Sounds like a win-win to me:

Six Rivers Market

From what I have read, they are a new operation, so if you want more information, check it out and check back regularly, because they have an information meeting coming up later this month, the details of which have yet to be announced. From what I saw, they have a great variety of products that will be available already listed. The ordering system will start in April, it looks like--so it's a brand-new, exciting opportunity for supplies that we can check out.

He and his wife are also personally involved, and you can check out her site:

Christine's Naples Farm

There are heirloom seeds (a must-have), eggs, and apparently chicks when available. I still need to find out if it's legal to raise chickens where I live (though I seriously doubt that it is). That would be a great resource to have, emergency or not.

True confessions--American Prepper just sent me a comment, and after I checked out the links I turned it into this post, so I hope that it works out for him the way that I have presented it. (If not, this post may mysteriously disappear... cue eery background music, etc. :) I agree with a phrase that was also in the comment:

"I would like to see fellow Idahoans get involved with organizations like this".

From reading what I have read on these links, (and I am going back to learn more) I hope that this whole enterprise takes off. Idahoans helping Idahoans, or wherever you are, Americans helping Americans, people helping people--it's all good, emergency situation or not.

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