Friday, February 27, 2009

If you are just starting...

I am going to take this opportunity to freely steal from my own blog, and list here the amounts of long-term food storage recommended for one person for a year. I had to do some figuring, as noted in this post at Food Storage...A Necessary Adventure, and am combining the information from several posts from that month here for your convenience, so you can have it all in one post. If it's old news, you may want to skip this part... :):

Group 1: Grains
Wheat 153 lbs
Enriched white flour 16 lbs
Corn meal 28 lbs
Rolled oats 40 lbs
Enriched white rice 68 lbs
Pearled barley 4 lbs
spaghetti or macaroni 34 lbs

Group 2
Dry beans 45 lbs
Dry lima beans 2 lbs
Dry soy beans 2 lbs
Dry split peas 2 lbs
Dry lentils 2 lbs
Dry soup mix 7 lbs

Group 3: Fats and Oils
Cooking oil 5 q.
Shortening 2 q.
Mayonnaise 1 q.
Salad dressing 1 q.(mayonnaise type)
Peanut butter 1 q.

Group 4: Milk group
Nonfat dry milk 14 lb.
Evaporated milk 12 12 oz cans

Group 5: Sugars
Granulated sugar 40 lb.
Brown sugar 3 lb.
Molasses 1 lb.
Honey 3 lb.
Corn syrup 3 lb.
Jams or preserves 5 lb.
Powdered fruit drink 6 lb.
Flavored gelatin 1 lb.

Group 6: Miscellaneous
Salt 8 lb.
Dry yeast .5 lb.
Baking soda 1 lb.
Baking powder 1 lb.
Water 14 gal.

We originally got food storage information from Provident Living, which is an excellent source for even more information. I had a list figured for amounts for my family, and from my aforementioned post, this was how I arrived at the amounts:

It has been so long now that I can't remember if we counted our children as adults or not, but dividing the amount they told us for the various foods by the number of people listed, (and rounding up--wouldn't you always like to have more than less in an emergency situation?) at least what's below will give people an idea of what one person would need to have to survive for a year.

So, for those who are at a loss as to what/how much to store in terms of long-term storage, hopefully this will help. I'm still working on this, as well as a 3-month supply of foods that we normally eat, although I am trying to make meals using the long-term storage part of our normal meal schedule more and more often. Anything you get in that will last will come in handy sooner or later, so it's all a plus...


Kymber said...

skip this part?!?!?!
no way Jose!!! (even though your name is Marie...Jose just rhymes better!)
this is another awesome post and i, for one, am printing this to help with my preps!
keep up the great work that you are doing here Marie - i may not comment all the time - but i check here everyday and always come away impressed!
awesome work that you are doing here, Madame! thank you so much!

Marie said...

Kymber--Thank you for your very kind words--I check the main Canadian Preppers Network page and the Novia Scotia page (I now have a new and improved appreciation for my bicycle, which, when the snow clears, I will check out to see its actual condition) and hope that everyone will check the Canadian Preppers pages out--there's a lot of good information that you have been sharing, so here's returning your thanks with interest!

Kymber said...

Thanks Marie...and if you ever have any bicycle-maintenance-related questions...just contact my hubby jambaloney - he is always willing to help out with bicycle-related matters!

Marie said...

Kymber--Thanks, I will remember that! I don't use my bicycle as much as I should, but maybe I'll change that...And I just read a post over at Quebec Preppers Network by jambaloney--you guys are on fire! Thanks for sharing all the info!

jambaloney said...


One of the best things about this network is the amount of free "if you didn't know what to buy, here it is" lists that I have access to!

This is an aweseome post for anybody, and even if it's "old news" to some, it's at the very least, an opportunity to check and make sure they have it right!

Great post - thanks!!

Marie said...

Jambaloney--Thanks--I hope that it will help someone! Sometimes, for me anyway, knowing where to start takes care of a great big part of the goal I'm trying to accomplish. I love the access this network gives to all sorts of information--thanks for your part in it, and thanks very much for your comment!