Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember making some noise? Thank you.

Had to share this excerpt from a letter I received from Senator Risch today (I hope he doesn't mind me quoting from it):

"When President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2010 Budget in February, one of his revenue-raising proposals aimed to restructure Tricare For Life (TFL). Right now, TFL allows military retirees to receive health care at no cost to them for life. The President's proposal would have initiated a TFL cost-sharing arrangement in which military retirees over 65 would be forced to pay for large portions of their health care.

In response, Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas introduced H.R. 816. After a constructive dialogue with Congress, President Obama decided to drop his budget proposal to restructure TFL. Therefore, at this time, H.R. 816 is not necessary. Should this issue arise again and come before the United States Senate, I will be sure to take your thoughts into consideration."

So, for now, there is no plan to increase out of pocket health care expenses for the military, an issue I wrote about in this post. My sincere thanks to Senator Risch for letting me know about this, and to each of you who let your voices be heard--as I mentioned in my earlier post, this issue would affect those I know personally. And thanks as always to those who have served/are serving our country in the military--- I'm very glad that your healthcare benefits will remain unchanged.

Since I doubt they read my blog, I now need to e-mail thank yous to Senator Risch, and Congressman Chet Edwards, who, according to this article, introduced the above-mentioned H.R. 816, entitled "Military Retirees' Healthcare Protection Act." Glad it was there if it had been necessary.

Hope this never becomes an issue again, but if it does, we'll just have to make some more noise in an effort to support our military. Thanks again to those of you who contacted your representatives and/or others....for the military, it's a show of support. No increase in out-of- pocket healthcare costs is an important promise kept.

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