Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hopefully you're more prepared than not...

By now you have probably heard about the possibility of a flu pandemic, and Ernie over at Indiana Preppers has done a lot of work to compile a somewhat massive list of articles to read about it here.

Hopefully everyone has been putting some things together in preparation for emergencies/hard times/name your situation, and these things would help those who have done so immensely should there be circumstances that require everyone to stay at home. Some of my thoughts on this issue:

--I was telling my husband that if they declared a pandemic and told everyone to stay home, the first thing I would do would be to fill everything that I could with water. If everyone stays home, chances are that regular water services will be cut off. We have some water in storage, but nowhere near what we would need for 3 months worth, which is the general number that I've heard about how long a quarantine would last.

--Over at Colorado Preppers, there is an excellent post about Preparing for a Home's Power Outage. Hope we never have to use these pointers, but there's a lot to think about in case we do have a power outage.

--In particular for Idaho readers, and anyone who lives near an Albertson's that has this sale running, there are a couple of good prices on storage items if you want to run out and strengthen your supplies. As far as I know, you do have to have one of those oh-so-nifty Albertson's cards. Progresso soups, which last time I checked at the local national chainstore were $1.68 (hopefully I don't have them switched with Campbells dinner soups, which I think are currently going for $1.62) are $1.50 each if you buy 4. (It's one of those things where if you buy $10.00 worth at $2.50 each, you get $4.00 off at the register, making it 4 for $6.00, hence $1.50 each. Aughhh, I don't even like reading that....but it's a good deal, compared with current prices.

There are also some pretty good prices on cold cereal, which would come in handy for power outages.

--These are only some of the thoughts I have--I just hope people have already been preparing for something like this, and that this doesn't turn into a pandemic. Someone who is very emergency preparation minded sent an e-mail this morning, part of which I'm cutting and pasting here:

" Will this be a pandemic? Or is it just another hard flu? You will have to decide for yourself what this is at this point and whether or not you will quarantine yourself and your family before the government says to. Now is the time to keep up with the news and rely on prayer for guidance for your family.

At the very least this is a wake up call to have the recommended three month minimum supply of food, water, medicine and all necessities. If this becomes a pandemic we can expect to be quarantined for three months. The government has been warning us for several years so most of you, hopefully, believed it and prepared. If not, get to the stores before the shelves are empty. Call your doctor NOW if you need a 90 day prescription refill and get it as soon as you can. It will never hurt to always be 90 days ahead on essential meds.

Please do not underestimate the time a disease will take to spread. With our methods of travel added to the ventilation systems in large confined areas and the number of times we go to malls, sports activities, etc., one person who was exposed a day ago could unknowingly begin the infection of thousands of people before really feeling sick him/herself.

What am I doing? I am taking my own advice and staying home the rest of the day and checking the news frequently. Am I panicking? No. I am watching and waiting, going about my usual routine and not doing anything differently than planning to not go out into crowds. I am regretting I didn't see this sooner because I did go shopping this morning and I would not have had I been aware of this article."

Get as prepared as you can while you can. Wishing everyone the best, and hoping that our food storage/emergency supplies will not be needed until another day, if ever....


erniesjourney said...

Great post Marie!!!!

erniesjourney said...

Good post Marie!! Wish we had some $$ now to finish up the preps - oh well...:)

Anonymous said...

Marie, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just haven't been spending a whole lot of time on the internet.

Being that it is spring, I have many projects besides my gardens going on.

I am buiding a food storage rack out of PVC pipe and Misc Metal parts. I am redesigning it as I build it for the next unit. So far I have about $120 invested. I will send pictures if you want, I just need to know where.

I mentioned that we are in the midst of a pretty severe drought. I am upgrading and expanding my rain water retention system by about 100%. I am moving the storage closer to the Gardens.
You learn as you grow.

May I suggest to you the article at the regarding skills accessment and evolution, today , (sunday).

I have a green house but it has been too cold at night to leave my seedlings out there. so I am transporting them back to house every night,,Lots of work.

It has been getting below feezing here at night so we are still using the wood burner every evening.



idahobob said...


Ya know, the PTB have been getting the sheeple ready for an upcoming "pandemic" for several years now.

The reality of it is that it is an outbreak of an obviously engineered flu virus.

Check out the links from:


Now, I am not discounting the fact that the PTB can declare this thing to be a pandemic, if so, what better way to terrorize and control the general populous?

And, boys and girls, let us not forget to see who will make the most, financially, out of this. Remember, follow the money.

After all of that cynicism, what are we going to do to protect and take care of ourselves? Well, the memsahib and I talked it over, this morning, and this is what we will do:
1. Pray, and seek the LORDS guidance.
2. Lock the gates and put up the "No Trespassing" signs.
3. Break out the masks.
4. Continue to live as healthy as we have been, we really will not be changing much, just our daily contact with other people.
5. If nothing else, we will actually find out how prepared we actually are.

Whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC!!!


Carol said...

Any suggestions for a family who has someone in the medical field. How do I protect myself and kids if my husband is call away to help those who are sick.

Marie said...

Ernie--Thanks, and thanks for the list of links! As for the money aspect of preps, I know what you mean-- I always find myself thinking it would be nice to have more, but I figure it is best to just get what I can afford and hope for the best. Little by little does add up, eventually... :) Thanks for your comment!

Carl--It was snowing here this morning, and we have been using our woodstove as well... just glad that we have one!
That's exciting about your projects--I'm impressed that you have a greenhouse. I've actually thought about getting one, but it's pretty far down on the list--I don't think I'm anywhere near as prepared as you are.
I keep thinking I need to get an e-mail address to link to this blog--maybe more people would participate, and I could see those pictures...
I checked out that post--thanks for the heads up. Amazing how much you can learn due to the internet. Thanks for your comment, and good luck with all those projects!

Bob--I considered just putting this up as a post, but didn't know what you would rather have done with it. I'm glad that so many people that I know through the internet are prepared if an emergency does occur, and I agree, don't panic! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Carol--I don't have any
suggestions for your particular situation, but those who read this may have some. This link over at Provident Living gives some guidelines that may help you:,11666,6631-1-3415-1,00.html

Hope all goes well with you and yours, and thanks for your comment.