Thursday, April 2, 2009

Always good to have a reason

Thinking about it, I guess my last post could be questioned in terms of how it actually relates to emergency preparedness---isn't just a matter of me asking people to make their voices heard on yet more legislation that I don't like? Kind of--I don't like it, and I am asking people to speak up--but that is not the entire reason that I wrote the post.

I've heard things along the lines of, "you can only keep what you can defend" when there are discussions of what might happen if a situation arose where the only resources available were what people had put away in terms of food/water/supplies storage. This post on PreparednessPro provides a lot of food for thought on the need to be prepared when it comes to defense. It's unfortunate but true that there may come a time when we have to defend either our storage, or ourselves/our family/loved ones. Legislation along the lines that I wrote about could inhibit our abilities to do so (or even hunt for food to sustain ourselves) by prohibitive costs or other restrictions that directly affect our ability to prepare ourselves for emergencies. That, and I love the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution, and don't want them messed with. At all.

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. I just hope that we all will do what we can to make sure that our ability to prepare for the worst is not hampered in any way, including making our voices heard.


Kymber said...

Bravo Madame - Bravo!
I agree with you 100% though I don't have a second amendment right (being Canadian and all) nor does me raising my voice matter much (being Canadian and all!)!
But I deeply, sincerely and truly admire when my American sisters stand up and take a stand!

The last 2 posts have been awesome Marie...I really enjoyed both of them!

Humble wife said...

I think that both posts are relevant to prepping. We must come to grips with the fact that gun control has taken a new facet and is going to sneak around the back door. The results are the same as we are losing so many freedoms. Sigh.

Keep up post like these as they are head on in what, why, and the extreme urgency we all have in prepping.
Thank you.

Marie said...

Kymber--Your comments always brighten my day--thanks for your kind words!

Humble wife--To me it's kind of scary how many legislation things the lawmakers are trying to push through quickly. It's hard to keep up with them all, so when I hear about ones that I feel, like you say, may end up in our losing freedoms, I try to share what I find. The more people watching the back door, the better...:) Thanks for your encouragement--I really appreciate it.