Friday, November 9, 2012

ABY #2: Using (some of) the basics

My second ABY: Flour, oil, salt, water (so many reasons my first ABY was water...)

If I could add anything to this, it would be: Several recipes with variations on a theme so I could make different kinds of breads, plus having already learned how to do at least one variation before an emergency.

OK, series-long disclaimer here: I am going to be linking to recipes, ideas, etc. that are new to me in the course of this series. Since I am trying to do a post a day, there is no guarantee that I will have tried them before I post them, but they will be of the nature that I think that they would be handy, easy to do in an emergency, etc.

I have not yet tried the following linked recipe.

That said, this recipe for super easy survival bread looks pretty good, simple to make, and the author even gives you ideas on how to cook it if you have no power. Thanks, Be Survival!

One recipe that I have tried is this one for tortillas. Thanks, Happy Housewife!

The only problem that I would run into in making the tortillas is if I didn't have refrigeration (and/or butter), in which case I would have to substitute oil, which stores without refrigeration. Haven't tried to substitute oil in this case, so I don't know exactly how that would work out. Guess I have (more) work to do...

How about you? Any easy recipes using only flour, oil, salt, and water?

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