Monday, November 12, 2012

ABY #5: Need to do some non-traditional cooking?

My fifth ABY: Aluminum foil

If I could add anything else to this, it would be: An alternative cooking device: grill, firepit, etc.

This post comes today because of my BY post over at my other blog--there are times when you could eat something cold that would really, really, really just be better-tasting cooked. Seems to me that canned ham (the BY listed today) would be one of them, although I'm just guessing really, since my experience with canned ham is, at best, limited. Thing is, if you have aluminum foil, you can do tinfoil dinners, along the lines of those listed here--if you have the food items available, of course. Where, in the linked article, it says serving of meat, you could use something like the above-mentioned canned ham, or perhaps Spam, or canned chicken. And it would be useful way to use up that bag of potatoes when the power is out...

Would love to hear any suggestions that you are using for your ABY--as well as how you plan to cook when the power is out...

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