Saturday, November 10, 2012

ABY #4: Sunday's on Saturday: Laundry stuff

My fourth ABY:  Laundry rack, and/or a clothesline and clothespins for doing laundry without power

Realistically, if you had to hang your clothes from a clothesline that you hung in your laundry room, you might be able to do ok without the clothespins for the larger clothes/laundry items, since you can just hang them over the line half on each side, but clothespins would sure come in handy for smaller items such as washclothes or socks. You don't need a big emergency to need some kind of line or rope and clothespins for laundry purposes--your dryer just has to go out when you need it. (Yeah, speaking from personal experience on this one, although it was a while ago.) Power outages have the same effect, though...

Haven't seen many clothespins around here lately, so it's probably time to invest in some (more?) of those...enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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