Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogging ahead: ABY #14 for November 21

My 14th ABY: A map and a plan

If I could add anything else to this, it would be: Reliable transportation with a full tank of fuel, and a good 72-hour kit for everyone involved

In some emergencies, like natural disasters,  you may be asked to evacuate. Would you be ready to go? Would you know where you are going? Would you know the easiest/fastest/safest way to get there? What if circumstances (washed out/snowed out/closed road, for example) make it necessary for you to take an alternate route? Hopefully it won't ever be necessary, but it may help to work out plans A-F or so to determine where you could go and/or who you could call if you had to evacuate. If you have to resort to plan E, you might find that a map could come in handy in terms of  reaching your destination...

I mentioned on my other blog why I am blogging ahead--since that series is focused on food, it might be nice to go into the sales next week with a few ideas of emergency canned food to purchase--gotta love when you can get what you are looking for for a lower price. This series has a different focus, but I would really like to keep them going at basically the same rate.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for the BY series, please add your comment--you never know who you might end up helping..

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