Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogging ahead: ABY #13 for November 20

My 13th ABY: Extra linens

If I could add anything else to this, it would be: A washboard, or some other type of device that would make washing clothes by hand easier.

In an emergency situation where the power has gone out and you need to do laundry before your situation improves, it would be helpful to have an extra set of linens to use while yours are hanging in your laundry room and/or drying somewhere in the fresh air. By linens, I mean towels and washclothes, and possibly a spare sheet set for any beds you may need to change, and which might be difficult to get your hands on in the middle of an emergency situation. Drying clothes without a dryer takes quite a while sometimes, and you never know in what season you may be in when you need to use that clothesline or clothes rack.

Just an idea--this is my series on being additionally better prepared, so this is not as urgent as some other issues. Being comfortable as possible during an emergency could make things more pleasant at the very least...

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