Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogging Ahead: ABY #11: Lightening up

My 11th ABY: Candles

If I could add anything else to this, it would be: Flashlights, with plenty of batteries

Why would I put candles first? Well, I admit that everything I've listed so far is a light source, but it might be easier to find something to light candles with in an emergency than it would be to find new batteries for a flashlight if the emergency lasted for a lot longer than three days or so.

I have also received in the past an e-mail that suggested using the solar lights that you would normally put along your walkway for light in an emergency--apparently they could just be brought inside as a lighting source when it's dark, and then put out during the day, and thus used as a renewable light source. I don't have such lights, and have not tried this, but if it works, it is a brilliant idea. In more ways than one....

Anyway, I would want candles and flashlights at the very least--and a way to light the candles, of course... :)

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