Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ABY #49: Mint, fruity, whatever...

My 49th ABY: Toothpaste (flavors above, or other) and toothbrush(es)

If I could add anything to this, it would be: Clean water and some dental floss would be nice...We picked up some new toothbrushes and some small tubes of toothpaste for under $1.00 each at the store today--before tax.

Did you get anything that helps with emergency preparedness for Christmas? Did you give anything that helps with emergency preparedness for Christmas? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Acton said...

For better health, I'm switching to toothpaste without fluoride, but containing xylitol--Amazon dot com has it. Another cost-saving alternative is to use baking soda instead of toothpaste.

Gave a friend a tool for bending thick wire to make useful items such as custom pegboard tool hooks. However, his first thought was to use it to make doll stands for his wife & daughter's collections. The tool was from Duluth Trading.

Thanks for your thoughtful blog, and may you and your family have a good New Year.

Marie said...

Acton--I hadn't heard about that kind of toothpaste, and may need to check it out. Thanks for the info. I had heard about baking soda, so that's another great idea.

That tool sounds useful--and it's always great when you can use a tool for more than one purpose!

Thank you so much for your kind words--and I wish you and your family all the best for the New Year as well!